Dear Domain Owner, Bloomberg L.P. and its affiliates (collectively “Bloomberg”) together form one of the world’s leading providers of financial news, information, and related goods and services. Bloomberg is the owner of the “Bloomberg” trade name and BLOOMBERG trademark and service mark, along with a family of marks that include the word “BLOOMBERG” (collectively, the “BLOOMBERG Mark”), which are registered around the world. Bloomberg also owns and operates the popular website
> and owns over one thousand domain names that include some variation of the word “bloomberg.” Bloomberg has expended considerable resources in acquiring and promoting its intellectual property, which it considers to be among its most valuable assets. It has come to our attention that you have registered the domain name (the “Infringing Domain Name”) without any authorization or license from Bloomberg or any right or legitimate interest in the BLOOMBERG Mark. Your use of the BLOOMBERG Mark in this manner creates the likelihood that consumers will mistakenly believe the Infringing Domain Name is associated with or provides services from Bloomberg. Your actions thus infringe the BLOOMBERG Mark and violate various U.S. laws and international treaties. Accordingly, we demand that you immediately: Discontinue any and all uses of the Infringing Domain Name; Commence the transfer of your registration of the Infringing Domain Name to Bloomberg; Identify and agree to transfer to Bloomberg any other domain names registered or controlled by you that contain the BLOOMBERG Mark or any variation thereof; and Provide written assurances that you will not in the future use the BLOOMBERG Mark or any confusingly similar mark without Bloomberg’s advance written consent. Unless you provide us with written confirmation within five (5) days of the date of this letter that you will comply with these demands, Bloomberg will pursue all available legal and equitable remedies without further notice to you. The above does not constitute an offer of settlement and is sent without prejudice to any rights or claims of Bloomberg, all of which expressly are reserved. Sincerely, Denise Smith Bloomberg LP Legal Department 731 Lexington Avenue New York, New York 10022 T: 212-617-5632